I need some quick help. I'm right in the middle of trying to upgrade my 4D
structure and I can't get into "Development" mode in 4D! I opened the *.4DB
file, said to open local database. I selected Interpreted database and
chose my structure file. I know this is a bit of a workaround, but rather
than have a menu in my (Foundation-based) structure that allows me to
change to development mode from , I simply go to the about 4D menu and
<command>+<Option><Control> click on a button, then choose go to
Development Mode, there.

Problem is, it doesn't! I checked to make sure I have the Unlimited Desktop
license installed for the current year.

I currently went into Maintenance Mode to rebuild the Data file ( I needed
to do this, anyway, and knew so beforehand). However, I'm not so sure I
will be able to compile my structure when it gets done! Can someone please
quickly throw some ideas my way??!!!

Doug Hall
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