I am having a curious time with this one. 

I am trying to get a collection retrieved from Get System Info to be saved into 
the Storage Collection.

Right now I am using the following to get the information.

$systemInfo:=Get system info            
$volumeCollections:= $systemInfo.volumes

This is saved in a table in 4D  on the server and then retrieved at the Client 
machine. On the client a collection shows up as $volumeData another collection.

New shared collection($myTempVolumeCol)
        Use (Storage)
                Storage.serverVolumes:=New shared collection
                Use (Storage.serverVolumes)
                End use 
        End use 

This code gives me the following error. “Not supported value type in a shared 
object or a shared collection” This seems to be preventing me from using the  
Storage. I can just assign the variable as an interprocess variable but I was 
trying to get away from using interprocess variables. Any suggestions?

I have also tried the following to get the data into a shared collection prior 
to trying to copy to Storage. The attempt to copy will also fail.

COLLECTION TO ARRAY($volumeData;$volumeArray)   
        myTempVolumeCol:=New shared collection
        Use (myTempVolumeCol)
                ARRAY TO COLLECTION(myTempVolumeCol;$volumeArray)
        End use 
        Use (Storage)
                Storage.serverVolumes:=New shared collection
                Use (Storage.serverVolumes)
                End use 
        End use 


The array to collection will give me a collection of null values. Is this a 
case of 4D just not having fixed this yet. I should be able to copy a return 
vale object to Storage or I would expect so.

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