The first line does nothing because you don't do anything with the function 
result of the call. The second line assigning $myTempVolumeCol to a copy 
returns a regular collection (see documentation). The error is because you 
can't assign a regular collection to a shared collection 

To duplicate an object or collection as a shared object/collection you have to 
iterate over all of the values and then recursively convert to shared any 

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

> On Mar 20, 2019, at 12:16 PM, Eric Naujock via 4D_Tech <> 
> wrote:
> New shared collection($myTempVolumeCol)
> $myTempVolumeCol:=$volumeData.copy()  
>       Use (Storage)
>               Storage.serverVolumes:=New shared collection
>               Use (Storage.serverVolumes)
>                       Storage.serverVolumes:=$myTempVolumeCol
>               End use 
>       End use 
> This code gives me the following error. “Not supported value type in a shared 
> object or a shared collection” This seems to be preventing me from using the  
> Storage. I can just assign the variable as an interprocess variable but I was 
> trying to get away from using interprocess variables. Any suggestions?

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