I can't find the db I did this in but what I did was this:

METHOD GET PATHS(Path project method;$MethodNames_at)
METHOD GET ATTRIBUTES($MethodNames_at;$Attributes_ao)

Create a new array with those that area already marked as preemptive
safe.  Save it somewhere
Then use METHOD SET ATTRIBUTES to set them all to preemptive safe.
Compile and enjoy all the errors coming in.

You should be able to work through the list (slowly).
If you run out of time reapply the original set of attributes from the
initial call.

Then repeat until you've got everything that is safe labelled that way.



On Fri, 12 Apr 2019 at 07:05, Keisuke Miyako via 4D_Tech
<> wrote:
> that's right, method attributes only inform you of their preferences.
> you could enable symbol file generation, compile, and look at the bottom of 
> the generated symbol file.
> > 2019/04/12 3:33、Cannon Smith via 4D_Tech <>のメール:
> >
> > I believe that preemptive capable in that context just means that you’ve 
> > set the method properties that way. I don’t think it means that if you 
> > tried to compile the code would actually work in a preemptive context. I’d 
> > be happy to be corrected if I’m wrong?
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