I am looking to contrive a robust FORM DESIGN TOOL to help with setting up 
forms in 4D’s form editor. My plan is to run the tool while having design mode 
accessible. That is easy.
How I envision it working is that I use the tool to choose what things I want 
to ‘copy’ (after it is created by the tool) and then I can paste it into a FORM 
in design mode.

While dynamic forms are quite tantalizing, the inability to WYSIWYG - design 
them is frustrating, also considering that the ‘script’ for an object can only 
be a method name, not actual script code.
However, dynamic forms could help with creating these interface elements 
(displaying them in a subform) very easily, as demonstrated in 4D’s HDI JSON 

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
Using the structure information gained from:
TABLES — ds[ ] .getInfo( ) — gets .name, .primaryKey, .tableNumber
                — GET TABLE PROPERTIES ( )  .invisible  .trigSaveNew  
.trigSaveRec  .trigDelRec  {table info is not as helpful for making interface 
objects, but…}

FIELDS  — ds[dClass][attributeName]  (these are in “”) — .autoFilled  
.fieldNumber   .fieldType  .indexed  .keywordIndexed  .kind  .mandatory  .name  
.readOnly  .type (string)  .unique

I made a “RULES” system. It is all stored inside one table with a recursive 
structure (Fields ‘belong’ to Tables) and using OBJECT FIELD to store the 

In addition to the attributes retrieved from the Structure, I add additional 
attributes for each item.
So for FIELDS, I added attributes such as the following:
.label  .displayFilter  .entryFilter  .choiceList (name, I have a neat 
auto-choiceList system too)  .datumType (Phone, Dollars, etc)  .fk_UIType (the 
type of user-interface object to use)

I will add additional attributes as I flesh it out.

The idea is that, with the tool, I could select which fields I want to place 
onto the FORM (design form editor), ‘hit a button’ and then the definition is 
on the clipboard for all of those.
Thereafter I can go to the form in the design form editor, “PASTE” and those 
elements are pasted onto the form.

Doing this, I can auto-setup such things as:
LABEL  -  Element combinations;
CBOX / POPUP / whatever other options;
[] CHECKBOX (with title taken from ‘Label’ attribute)

One of my pet peeves with 4D’s form designer is that I spend so much time 
making these individually (even copy/change attributes)  that it becomes a 
The FORM DESIGN TOOL will already have all that it needs to know to make the 
interface elements for each field. They will be positioned relative to each 
other in a consistent way, and I can just bump them into place.


So my main question is:
Is it possible to COPY Interface Elements and then PASTE them into 4D’s FORM 

My idea is to:
1) have a subform on the FORM DESIGN TOOL that uses FORM DATA (i.e. 
instant-generated code by the FORM DESIGN TOOL). 
        I pick the TABLE I am working with, which gives me all the FIELDS in a 
listBox. [related tables is easy to facilitate too].
2) I select the FIELD ITEMS I want to ‘copy’
3) Then when I ‘click the button’:
4) FORM DESIGN TOOL composites a Form Object complete with all the settings 
needed (shout out to 4D’s “JSON DEFINITION TOOL” HDI).
        • the object name is standardized;
        • the data source is automatically set;
        • the other aspects of the objects are set according to ’the rules’;
        • the Label TEXT objects are in place.
        • the input areas are sized to what is specified in the FORM DESIGN 
TOOL rather than some random dimension; then I don’t have to fuss a lot with 
sizing stuff.
        • even the SCRIPT can be put in place; perhaps with parameters and 
everything to ‘customize’ it
5) The FORM DESIGN TOOL displays these elements in its SUBFORM. Now the 
elements appear (probably in a column, with LABEL OBJECT style).
6) … now I need to be able to ‘COPY’ these in a format that can be PASTED in 
4D’s Form Editor.

The weak link, I think, is that CLIPBOARD stuff. HOW DO I COPY THESE IN A 

Of course, if this is impossible, then I’M stuck!

Thanks for any suggestions
— Chris Belanger

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