Hi All,

4D v17R4 Windows and Macintosh Stand alone and 4D Server
I do not have an old 4D Write plugin only the new 4D Write Pro
App upgraded from 4D 2012 to 4D V17

I am working on the final v17 conversion piece migrating older 4D Write saved 
in picture field to 4D Write Pro saved in object field. I am using the the code 
from the component on the blog 

However, as I watch the code in the debugger, this is what I see:

$blob:=_Extract4W7From4DPicture ($1)
If (BLOB size($blob)=0)
        GET PICTURE FORMATS($1;$codecIDs)
        If (Size of array($codecIDs)=1)
                If ($codecIDs{1}=".pict”)
                !!! // makes it to here so “knows” it’s a pict.
                        $blob:=_Extract4W7FromMacPicture ($1)
                !!! // returns an empty blob
                End if 
        End if 
End if 

Inside this routine "Extract4W7FromMacPicture ($1)” this line executes


Always returns an empty blob even though $1 is a picture with a size like 25ko.

So not sure what;’s going on and why it doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any experience with converting an older 4D Write saved in a 
picture field into a 4D Write Pro object?


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