Well said Pat

Having been a 4D developer for 30 odd years I've been to several of JPRs 
training sessions and always come away having learnt something valuable.
Well wort the cost.

On the train home from the London World Tour I re-designed our old record 
change auditing system.
Entities and ORDA.
Going to be much simpler to use and easier to maintain.
Can't wait to build it.

Love and kisses

Just do it.

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My head is buzzing with ideas and information following the World Tour training 
day with JPR in sunny London. If you are serious about your work and it isn't 
too late for you, you need to go!


Yes, it does cost a little. Probably somewhat less than you charge for a day's 

Find out what is so great about ORDA. And Collections. And Objects. And other 
4D stuff.

In addition to the training you get a USB stick full of excellent, 
well-documented demo databases that JPR and other 4D gurus have put a lot of 
time and effort into creating. They contain code and forms that you can use in 
your own 4D apps - these are well worth the cost of the training.

You also get:

- a bottomless coffee/tea pot
- plenty of snacks
- a decent lunch
- a chance to meet your 4D reps
- a chance to meet some of your fellow developers

JUST DO IT!!!!! (if you haven't already missed your local event).


No, I have not been hired by the 4D PR team :)

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