In my application, all forms are designed to display their content in 2 

Therefore, I use xliff in static text objects that I use as labels, e.g.  in 
the ’title’ of the static text object, I put ‘:xliff:settings_00/01’

But in some forms, not all the text objects have :xliff: references, but just 
plain text, i.e. “Cancel’ or ‘Validate’

To detect for which forms and for which objects this is the case, I use FORM 
GET OBJECTS  and OBJECT GET TITLE to see if they contain ‘xliff’ or not.
That way, I get a list of text object that need to be changed to an xliff 

Prior to v17, OBJECT GET TITLE returned the string ‘:xliff:settings_00/01’ if 
the xliff reference was in place, or ‘Validate’, if there was no xliff 
reference, but just plain text.

But now, in v17, OBJECT GET TITLE returns the value of the xliff reference 
(‘Validate’), and no longer ‘:xliff:settings_00/01’

So it’s impossible to differentiate the objects that do not have an xliff 
reference versus those who do.

Is there a way to solve this?


Rudy Mortier
Two Way Communications bvba 

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