Having run many tests it would appear that I was experiencing some data issues 
possibly due to some internal data conversion.

Having reset all the thumbnail images in the table the awful lag that was being 
experienced when using an entity selection with a list box went away.  I then 
re-populated those thumbnails that were previously present and all was still 

Classic (current selection) is still ever so slightly quicker on the scroll 
than entity selection but nothing to be worried about IMHO.

Bob Miller said:
I’m very interested in your approach to creating the generic listing.  Have you 
found a demo somewhere that shows how to do this?  I'm just opening the book on 
ORDA and this is one of the first projects I'd like to try, but am befuddled 
where to start.

What are the features of your generic listing?  What does it look like?  Can 
you share a bit about your spec and how you are going about creating this?

It is a bit too much for this list but maybe we could touch base offline.  4D 
showed a demo at the World Tour and I am sure someone else will be doing 
something at the Summit.  In short our approach is as follows:

We are writing as a component as it will eventually replace the existing 
"classic" Browser component that we have been using for many years.  We are 
using the project methodology as this works really well for writing components.
The interface is largely driven by a single window made up of:
- Side bar to list the tables
- Data list area which is populated based on what is selected from the sidebar
- Header/button area that is populated by buttons many of which have standard 
options mixed with actions governed by the host via callbacks

The component will require the host to have a single table to hold objects for 
the various tool elements such as:
- Saved searches to be used by the components search editor
- Saved views to allow the user to have multiple view definitions
- Saved selections to allow the user to save selections and manipulate them 
like sets via Venn diagrams
- Saved sorts to allow the user to apply a predefined sort to selection

So far we have been working on it in our spare time for less than a month so it 
is very early days.  We have a working model and are building out the 
functionality when we have a spare moment from our heavy workload.

Regards,  Dougie

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