This is a call for Topic proposals to speak at the IoT Track
<http://www.rtc-conference.com/2016/schedule/> (
http://www.rtc-conference.com/2016/schedule/) for the annual Real-Time
Conference <http://www.rtc-conference.com/> (http://www.rtc-conference.com/)
at IIT <http://www.iit.edu/>, Chicago.

The conference is Oct 18-20 (next month): the IoT tracks are on Oct 19 &
20. (Apologies for a relatively short notice)

This call for proposal is for speaking on a relevant Topic: this IoT Track
invites topics relevant to use-cases describing work done or being done in
interacting with or embedding and enhancing experiences in Real-time
Applications and Services.

Each speaker slot will be 30-45 minutes duration.

We encourage submitting
topic proposals online

Should you have any questions feel free to email the chairs for IoT Track:
Gonzalo Salgueiro (gsalg...@cisco.com) or Mahalingam Mani (mm...@polycom.com


-IoT Track chairs for IIT RTC <http://www.rtc-conference.com/> (Gonzalo
Salgueiro, Mahalingam Mani)
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