draft-ietf-6lo-privacy-considerations says:

   When Short Addresses are desired on links that are not guaranteed to
   have a short enough lifetime, the mechanism for constructing an IPv6
   interface identifier from a Short Address could be designed to
   sufficiently mitigate the problem.  For example, if all nodes on a
   given L2 network have a shared secret (such as the key needed to get
   on the layer-2 network), the 64-bit IID might be generated using a
   one-way hash that includes (at least) the shared secret together
   with the Short Address.  The use of such a hash would result in the IIDs
   being spread out among the full range of IID address space, thus
   mitigating address scans, while still allowing full stateless

such work does not yet exist.  I think it would be in charter for 6lo at this
time?  It would seem to be an extension to draft-ietf-6lo-paging-dispatch in
some way.  I wonder if it worth delay to do this now?

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