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    > Unsure what your question is, Michael.

    > The node that is scheduled to overhear can see the cell as shared, to
    > it will not ack.  There is the problem of the dMAC. In 6TiSCH tracks we

Yes, all of this assumes the ability to tune some low-level things.
While I concur that a number of softmac will have the flexibility to do this,
I wonder about this *in general*.

    > There is no 'hardware' per se, since unless I miss something, all this
    > is upper MAC, classically software. So anyone shuld be able to try it
    > on its preferred gear. We used OpenMotes.

A number of radios can send ACKs automatically in the MAC without waking up
the main CPU.  The ideas proposed in this document likely can not be
implemented in those devices, and/or there will be higher main CPU wake
times.  Of course, over time hardware will evolve.

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