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>     > I generalized the rekeying text so that it falls under the
> processing rules
>     > of the CBOR Link-Layer Key parameter. The first join of a pledge just
>     > becomes a special case but there is a distinction between the 6LBR
> and
>     > non-6LBR nodes. I don't see how the JRC that is not colocated with
> the 6LBR
>     > can trigger the sending of a link-layer frame secured with the new
>     > keys...
> In such a situation, there will need to be an additional control protocol,
> which might be proprietary or future work, but in any case, I think it's
> okay
> if we clearly mark it as out-of-scope.

There shouldn't be any need for an additional control protocol with the
current text. In the processing rules, we differentiate between 6LBR
receiving a key parameter and non-6LBR nodes. Essentially, 6LBR upon
reception of the key parameter immediately removes the old keys and starts
using the new keys for all outgoing traffic. Non-6LBR nodes wait until they
receive one frame secured with the new keys and upon that event remove the
old keys.

The pledge joining for the first time follows the same behavior, albeit
with a note that it is possible to speed up the process by storing an EB
that was used to discover the JP.
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