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> On Mon Feb  2 13:20:08 PST 2015, ba...@bitblocks.com wrote:
> > On Mon, 02 Feb 2015 20:54:02 GMT Skip Tavakkolian <skip.tavakkolian@gmail.c
> om> wrote:
> > > 
> > > hardkernel's odroid-c1 is similar and slightly better performance for the
> > > same price; any sense which port might be easier?
> > 
> > Odroid-c1 is Cortex-A5 while Pi2 is Cortex-A7 so Pi2 is more
> > performant (but has worse ethernet and horrible usb). Port to
> > pi2 should be easier as the periphs are the same as in Pi1;
> > only their IO maps have changed a bit.
> hmm.  the arch is just part of the story.  the odroid is 1500 MHz vs
> the pi2's 900 MHz, and that's ddr3 vs ddr2.  so it's not quite all
> stacked in one direction.


Feature comparison here:

Will post some benchmarks comparing the two (under linux) once
I get a pi2, hopefully by this Wednesday. [How did they miss
calling it 2pi or tau?]

The way I see it, the RPi Foundation knew they had painted
themselves in a corner with the 2835. Any new design would've
been hugely disruptive.  By just replacing the processor core
and leaving rest of the cruft + GPU exactly as before they
managed to get the 2836 out in a relatively short time and all
the hardware addon will continue to work. Now that they've
escaped, I expect to see more designs.

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