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> I said:
> > Disclaimer: if you put silly numbers in arm_freq, bad stuff
> > might happen.  Supposedly the firmware detects this and sets
> > an irreversible bit somewhere that voids your warranty.
> There are claims in the raspberry pi forums that the 'void
> warranty' bit will be set if you configure force_turbo=1,
> whatever the frequency.  So if you care about this, you
> may be stuck at 600Mhz unless someone cares enough to
> reverse engineer the linux speed management code.

Hot off the press (from the RPi forum):

  mpnico wrote:
    I thought that force_turbo with no over_voltage doesn't void
    the warranty. Is this not correct for the RPi2 ?
  You are correct, but Pi2 runs at a higher voltage by default
  which meant that force_turbo was incorrectly setting the
  "warranty" bit. That was unintended.
  So, what we've agreed to do is to no longer treat bit 24 of
  the board revision as the warranty warranty bit on Pi 2.  The
  latest rpi-update will now set bit 25 when a real warranty
  condition arises (e.g. force_turbo=1 *and* over_voltage > 0)
  If bit 24 is currently set, then don't worry, it will be
  ignored. Bit 25 is the new Pi 2 warranty bit.
  Pi1 will remain as it did with bit 24 being the warranty bit.
  dom (Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator)

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