Hello!  I just re-installed plan9 in a raspberry pi, and this time
around, i´m trying to play with the httpd web server, for creating a
small site.

I created /usr/web/index.html and tried to run ip/httpd/httpd which
produces the following error page (via browser, and for the intended

Object not found 
The object /usr/glenda/web/index.html does not exist on this server. 
errstr: '/usr/web/usr' does not exist 
uri host:  
header host: 
actual host: who cares
I also created /usr/glenda/web/index.html but the results are the
same.  I know that the /sys/lib/httpd.rewrite and namespace.httpd are
important files for configuring but i´m not sure how.  I didn´t, i´m
afraid, get less cofused by reading httpd man page, but i´m sure it is
my fault :).

My objective is the to run the web server for a index.html basic file
on a directory, somewhere in plan9.  Does anyone have any ideas where
the problem might lie?


João Reis

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