On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 07:55:21PM +0000, Marshall Conover wrote:
> khm - Unfortunately, that would conflict with the browsing model I want to
> propose once I've proven my worth - in which the user emails a daemon with
> the site they want, which the daemon then wgets, forwards to them, and
> opens up emacs.

There's no reason you can't attach the fingerprint data as part of a
MIME message part.  You're basically taking money out of Googlers' 
pockets with this refusal to focus on the web.  Are you sure you can 
live with yourself, this way?

Anyway, the common problem with both of your use cases is that it
focuses on making programmers' lives easier.  If you want to be taken
seriously by a Silicon Valley company, you should focus on making
users' lives harder, instead.  

For instance, with bind, Google could install different versions of 
application packages in parallel on unsuspecting customers' devices, 
then do A/B testing to track ad engagement.  Google employees LOVE A/B 
testing; this is a sure-fire pitch.


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