On Sun, 04 Feb 2018 11:02:57 +0100 hiro <23h...@gmail.com> wrote:
hiro writes:
> For home use a ZFS intent log and caches on a good 2,5" SSD in a
> battery-backed thinkpad seems like an easy, silent, fast and stable
> (even against data loss from power outage) basis, even if you only
> connect shitty USB3 HDD drives externally for the pools. Your data
> should be safe on the SSD as long as you make sure it's
> underprovisioned enough to make fair use of wear leveling for a long
> time.

Many of these USB3 HDDs have 1 year warranty for a reason.
SMART check on a few month old Seagate USB3 disk I have shows
it has already exceeded worst case of many parameters! It
still works so I can't return it.

You can buy 5 year warranty WD Gold or RE for decent prizes
and can put together your own disk array.

I don't use a separate ZFS intent log on my main fileserver as
I don't rely on NFS much (mostly just readonly access).  I
also don't use a laptops for fileservice as they don't have
ECC memory.

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