On 2/10/18, Benjamin Huntsman <bhunts...@mail2.cu-portland.edu> wrote:
> Just curious as to the state of the union.  Is 9front pretty much the de
> facto "official" Plan 9 these days, or does anyone still use or maintain any
> of the following:

I'm with David (legacy), nearly all the way.

That said, I deem it unfortunate that there isn't a drive to
consolidate the various flavours of Plan 9 into a single offering, or
at least identify and discuss the differences and provide for the
choices from a single source (pun intended).

And, yes, after an uncomfortable separation, I am lurking here again.

Hello, everyone!


PS: Ron Minnich, my old address was <lu...@proxima.alt.za>, it is now
<lucio.d...@gmail.com>. Both are still in existence (in case you wish
to make adjustments to your mailer configuration).

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