On Tue, Feb 13, 2018, at 2:58 PM, Daniel Camolês wrote:
> I understand the sunken cost fallacy, but seriously, there's a reason 
> handwriting on tablets is not that much used despite the existence of 
> softwares for such. It can be useful when it comes to short annotations, but 
> it's really ridiculous for long texts. If it could be useful for tasks such 
> as writing a book and programming, we mostly likely would be doing it by now. 
> Maybe it's not impossible that someone would come up with a way to input text 
> using a pen over a screen that's even more efficient and convenient than a 
> keyboard. So far, such technology just doesn't exist.

Did you read the part in the article where they say writing on the ReMarkable's 
screen feels like writing on paper? Part of the problem with handwriting on 
screens was the slipperiness of the screen. This is a step forward here.

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