Well because... A keyboard is very cheap and if you could pay for your
tablet, you can probably afford it? And it's an efficient way to input
text, way more efficient than any handwriting on a screen.

I understand the sunken cost fallacy, but seriously, there's a reason
handwriting on tablets is not that much used despite the existence of
softwares for such. It can be useful when it comes to short annotations,
but it's really ridiculous for long texts. If it could be useful for tasks
such as writing a book and programming, we mostly likely would be doing it
by now.

Maybe it's not impossible that someone would come up with a way to input
text using a pen over a screen that's even more efficient and convenient
than a keyboard. So far, such technology just doesn't exist.

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On Tue, Feb 13, 2018, at 12:52 PM, Daniel Camolês wrote:

You could use, you know, a keyboard

with my ordinary tablet? sure! with a $600 tablet whose main trick is the
handwriting input? why would i buy the tablet?

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