Il giorno mar 9 ott 2018 alle ore 05:33 Lucio De Re
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> On 10/9/18, Bakul Shah <> wrote:
> >
> > One thing I have mused about is recasting plan9 as a
> > microkernel and pushing out a lot of its kernel code into user
> > mode code.  It is already half way there -- it is basically a
> > mux for 9p calls, low level device drivers,
> >
> There are religious reasons not to go there

Indeed, as an heretic, one of the first things I did with Jehanne was
to move the console filesystem out of kernel.
Then I moved several syscalls into userspace. Or turned them to files
or to operation on existing files.
More syscall/kernel services will move to user space as I'll have time
to hack it again.

You know... heretics ruin everything!

I'm not going to turn Jehanne to a microkernel, but I'm looking for
the simplest possible set of kernel abstractions that can support a
distributed operating system able to replace the mainstream Web+OS
You know... heretics are crazy, too!


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