o...@eigenstate.org once said:
> Unrelatedly, would there be interest in adding the `$split{cmd} syntax
> from 9atom to 9legacy?  I think it's currently the only reason that
> git9 doesn't work out of the box there, and it's very nice syntax.

I'm not a fan of the `word{...} syntax. It's odd to
allow a word in the middle of a syntactic form like
that. I can't think of any other part of rc(1) that
does that. Is there any?

I used to use a pair of functions named pushifs and
popifs to easily control backquote tokenization but
over time I realized that I only used them when I
wanted no tokenization at all, with $ifs set to ''
or '\n'.

So I ported the "{...} mechanism from mash(1) to my
local copy of rc(1) and haven't looked back since.


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