Hi Alex,

If all of these things have semantic value, we really should be creating
new roles for them. However, we probably don't have time to make that
happen given the status of the mappings, so the below answers assume we
don't create new roles.
Note that in IA2, blockquote doesn't have a role either, which is ugly and
needs to be fixed. So, I think we need to have a discussion about creating
a whole bunch of new roles and revising a future version of the mappings to
include them.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 4:48 AM, Alexander Surkov <
surkov.alexan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> * HTML:q [1]
> The spec says [2] to use ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT which contains ROLE_STATIC_TEXT
> for quotes and ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT for text itself in children.
Ideally, I think the MSAA role should be ROLE_SYSTEM_STATICTEXT for the
element and its children here. I've always felt that ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT was
really meant for navigable text; e.g. <input type="text".
However, for the element itself, that doesn't fit the convention adopted
elsewhere in the spec... and IA2 clients will ignore the MSAA role in
favour of the IA2 role anyway. So, we should probably leave this as
ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT for the element itself for now.
For the children, I think they should all be ROLE_SYSTEM_STATICTEXT for the
reason given above.
Note that Gecko exposes text leaves as ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT, which conflicts
here. In contrast, Chrome uses ROLE_SYSTEM_STATICTEXT (as per my suggestion
to them).

* HTML:ruby [3]
> The spec suggests [4] to use ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT.
As above, I think this should ideally be STATICTEXT, but I guess we should
leave this as is for now.

> * @multiple on input@type"file"
> Spec says nothing [6]. Any suggestions on its mapping?
There's no "good" mapping at present.
I'm wondering whether we really need to expose this. As far as I know,
there's no (non-a11y) UX pattern for exposing this either apart from
changing the text; e.g. Firefox says "No file selected" or "No files
My first thought was to abuse STATE_SYSTEM_MULTISELECTABLE. That is not a
great fit because it's meant for containers which can accept multiple
selection, but it kinda sorta works. The question is whether any existing
client will be confused by this. NVDA won't be, but I don't know about
Otherwise, we'd need to create a new state or perhaps an object attribute,
perhaps called multivalue.
But where do we put it? On the button or the text frame? And how does the
client deal with this since there's no indication that it's for a file
My feeling on this right now is that we shouldn't expose it specially.

I also see that <pre> has IA2_ROLE_TEXT_FRAME. The convention seems to be
that TEXT_FRAME is used for inline content, whereas block content uses
SECTION or PARAGRAPH. Chrome already uses PARAGRAPH, but the mappings say
SECTION for ATK. My initial feeling was SECTION.

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