Hi Richard,

nice to hear about your plan to switch to NVDA and LibreOffice!

And thanks for reporting the issues you're encountering.

I have created a bug report now:

While looking into this, I realized that texts are spoken when hovering over the individual entries contained in the popup for the "Borders" toolbar item using the mouse instead of using the keyboard. Those texts are not particularly helpful yet ("item 1", "item 2", ...), but I plan to submit a change to LibreOffice that will address at least this part (proper labels) soon.
(This will be mentioned in the above bug ticket then.)


On 01/03/2021 21.30, Richard B. McDonald wrote:
Hi Michael!

Thank you once again for your wonderful help.  Yes, I would love it if you 
could make a bug report on this!  Right now, I do not have an account on 
Bugzilla; but I will create one soon.  Seeing another example of how you do it 
in respect of this issue here will be helpful for my learning too!

I am new to NVDA and LO, but a long-time user of JAWS and MS Office.  I would 
like to transition away from the latter two and to the former two, and so hence 
these issues.  No doubt there will be more to come.  That said, I appreciate 
your very knowledgeable help on this since the end result will be a more 
accessible LO.  Surely, there will be many, many people around the world who 
will benefit!  And, thanks for your work-around solution!


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Hi Richard,

On 26/02/2021 14.55, Richard B. McDonald wrote:
I am using Windows 10, NVDA 2020.4 and LO 7.1.  In several places,
like in Calc's formatting toolbar, there are things called a "drop down button."
How do you activate them, and what is the expected functionality?  To
further, on this toolbar there is a drop down button for "Borders."  I
have tried pressing "spacebar" and "enter" on it, but nothing seems to
happen (activation).  What I expect to happen is some sort of a pick
list of types of borders would appear; such as single underline,
double underline and so on (functionality).

So, how do you activate a drop down button, and what is its functionality?

you're doing exactly the right thing and your expectation is correct, but 
unfortunately there seems to be another accessibility bug here.

I just tested this with NVDA. Pressing the space or enter keys enables a popup where you can select between 
different border types (e.g. "no border", "border only on the left", "border on all 
four sides",...), but the screen reader does not announce what is selected or say anything when changing 
selection using e.g. the arrow keys.

Do you want to create a bug report in Bugzilla for this? Otherwise I can do 
that as well.

As a workaround for now, the corresponding functionality should also be 
available in a dialog instead, e.g. for your example with the borders.
this is accessible like this:

* select cells
* right-click (or press "menu" button/Shift+F10
* select "Format Cells"
* navigate to "Borders" tab


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