On 13 May 2008 at 11:04, Ricky Lomey wrote:
> I knew all along that
> the paper was in PDF which is why I asked and your tips will certainly be
> helful. I am not going to join the PDF attachments but thank you anyway. I
> am actually wondering whether the attachments are in order as per the
> numbers you gave because when the editor himself sent me some copies of the
> paper attachment 1 of 8 was not necessarily page one but I will ask them,
> say could letters be attachment 006 for example as it would make it much
> easier for me but then I suppose it differs from week to week.

The file on the server is one single PDF file.

www4mail splits it into email-friendly chunks, which
should be joined in the logical, numerical order.
The joined file is identical to the original file.

The numbered chunks are not stand-alone PDF files.
You cannot read them separately. There is nothing
you can do with them except join them.

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