in the SZS response to "help", I find the statement

| You may request up to 5 resources in each email you send to
| www4mail`AT`szs.net.

- As this is written under the heading of "WEB DOCUMENTS AS EMAIL
  ATTACHMENTS", it is not clear whether this restriction applies to
  the text dumps obtained with GET, too.

- At any rate, I wonder whether this restriction really makes sense.
  Maybe it is there to guard against a denial of service attack?

  Otherwise - and I haven't looked at the code -, I think it would be
  better to allow the user to use up all of her quota with a single
  mail, rather than forcing her to split the requests into several
  mails manually as I find myself doing quite often these days.

Also I wonder if excess requests within a single mail are dropped
silently or cause an error message.

Best regards,

Albert (who is now using ACCMAIL methods, and SZS' www4mail in
        particular, on a more regular basis and with ever growing
        appreciation of this most valuable service).

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