[sun zoom spark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,         Sat, 29 Nov 2008 14:57:12 -0000]:
> > ,----
> > | You may request up to 5 resources in each email you send to
> > | www4mail`AT`szs.net.
> > `----
> > Also I wonder if excess requests within a single mail are dropped
> > silently or cause an error message.
> I don't know!
> Would you like to test it?

By now, I did some testing:

- At first, I sent an e-mail with 10 identical GET requests (same
  URL); as a result, I got exactly *one* copy back.  This actually
  surprised me quite a bit as I would have expected at least five
  copies, or nothing at all.

  Is this a known / documented behavior of the WWW4MAIL code?

- I then sent an e-mail with 8 different GET requests and got 5
  responses (2 of which were error messages due to bad URLs).  So it
  seems that the requests are SILENTLY TRUNCATED to five requests.

Maybe this should eventually be mentioned in the documentation.

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