> From:    rodol...@cimex.com.cu

> I think there must be many people out there interested in set up an
> Internet by e-mail Service, but just don't know how to do it or do not
> have the time.
> This is a calling for those who know it, to share the knowledge
> concerning how to setup such a basic service with the minimum effort and
> time.

Don't hope for minimum effort and time. When I used accmail (until 2005),
I used my own accmail server, I wrote it myself (in Perl).
It's the mail2ftp server I described on http://mail2ftp.org.ua , it also
has undocumented feature to request webpages in source and text modes.
But I made this feature restricted only to my email addresses,
because else the inevitable abuse would cause destroying the server
by the host operator. I didn't implement any limits besides restricting
email addresses which may request pages.

One of my mail2ftp servers works on a free web-hosting, currently
heliohost.org. Or another free webhosting with cPanel can be used,
a list of them: http://www.free-webhosts.com/free-cpanel-hosting.php
If you register an account on a web-hosting with cPanel,
successfully access cPanel of your account (by accmail methods
or using full Internet access) and describe me how you do that
then I can give you sources of the server I wrote.
But no support, I'll not do the work to set up the server for you,
and I'll not give you detailed instructions. It'll be much work for you
without help.


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