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> This is a calling for those who know it, to share the knowledge concerning
> how to setup such a basic service with the minimum effort and time.

I can explain how I have setup the service at w...@dommel.be which is running
on a PC with Debian GNU/Linux. Note that in the current state this is NOT
easy to setup with minimum effort and time :-(

1. Create a Email address for your www2email service :

I have create two e-mail adresses:


2. On the PC, create a user www, setup fetchmail to send the Emails to user

In my /etc/fetchmailrc I have :

poll pop.gmx.com   proto pop3 user www2em...@gmx.com password
*********, is www here fetchall
poll pop.dommel.be proto pop3 user w...@dommel.be password *********,
is www here fetchall

3. In /home/www, create the following files :

 pts/7  jan ~$ cat /home/www/.forward
| /home/www/mail2queue
 pts/7  jan ~$ cat /home/www/mail2queue
ulimit -u 10
cat - > /home/www/queue/$$.mail
#cat /home/www/queue/$$.mail >> /home/www/mail.log
 pts/7  jan ~$

When user www receives an Email, this Email will be forwarded to the script
mail2queue. This script creates a file in /home/www/queue/ with a unique
number. So for every Email, a file in /home/www/queue/ will be created.

4. create a script that scans /home/www/queue/ for files and send the result
   back as an Email

You can find the script that I use at

5. set up a cronjob that runs this script every 5 minutes :

I have this in /etc/crontab

# w...@dommel.be bot
*/5 *   * * *   www     /home/www/queue2mail 2> /dev/null 1> /dev/null

Met vriendelijke groetjes         - Jan Wagemakers -

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