The CBOR Web Token (CWT) specification has been updated to address the shepherd 
comments by Benjamin Kaduk.  Changes were:

  *   Updated the RFC 5226 reference to RFC 8126.
  *   Made the IANA registration criteria consistent across sections.
  *   Stated that registrations for the limited set of values between -256 and 
255 and strings of length 1 are to be restricted to claims with general 
  *   Changed the "Reference" field name to "Description of Semantics" in the 
CBOR Tag registration request.
  *   Asked the RFC Editor whether it is possible to preserve the non-ASCII 
spellings of the names Erik Wahlström and Göran Selander in the final 

Thanks to Ben for his careful review of the specification!

The specification is available at:


An HTML-formatted version is also available at:


                                                       -- Mike

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