Good point.  I'll make a note to update the description the next time we 
publish a draft to not imply that values in the Private Use range are 
registered.  I don't think it's worth publishing another draft for just this 
until we receive Kathleen's AD review, at which point I'll address it.

                                -- Mike                 

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Depending upon the values being requested, registration requests are    
evaluated on a Standards Track Required, Specification Required,        
Expert Review, or Private Use basis [RFC8126] «

This might give the impression that IANA registrations can be made on a 
“Private Use” basis.
RFC 8126 Section 4.1 says about Private Use:

   […] IANA does not record assignments from registries
   or ranges with this policy (and therefore there is no need for IANA
   to review them) and assignments are not generally useful for broad
   interoperability.  It is the responsibility of the sites making use
   of the Private Use range to ensure that no conflicts occur (within
   the intended scope of use).

Maybe it is better to just point at the section giving the actual policies?

Grüße, Carsten

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