Ludwig Seitz <> wrote:
    > I agree that onboarding is a valid concern (which is why I wrote
    > appendix B), 
    > but lets not delay draft-ietf-ace-oauth-authz any further by adding a 
    > new set of functionality in it.

Back at the beginning of ACE it was clear that onboarding was an entire
project of itself.  That's why I argued to keep it out of the first charter.

Onboarding suffers from a tendancy to boil the ocean, combined with the
elephant/blind-men problem.    The way to tackle onboarding is not with
a single unifying ocean boiling protocol, but rather by letting each
interested party define small protocols, and over time find commonality.
I get the vision of:

So while it is unfortunate if some implementers feel to be "in the dark",
before we could rectify that situation, we'd have to know which implementers
we are worried about.

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