On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 12:25:14 +0000, Hugo Landau wrote:
>   1. Clarify the specification to state that the root certificate must
>      always appear in the chain at the end. Clients should be advised to
>      pop the root certificate if they are procuring certificate chains
>      for non-DANE applications only. Failure to do so will result in
>      unnecessary but harmless transmission of the root certificate
>      during TLS handshakes.
>   2. Don't include the root certificate but provide a way to retrieve it,
>      e.g. via a Link header.
>   3. Clarify the specification to state that the root certificate must
>      not appear in the chain, and that roots must be retrieved using the
>      AIA URL inside the final certificate in the chain if it is needed.
>      This minimises the chance of clients for non-DANE applications
>      messing up and provides a viable method for discovery of the root
>      CA for applications which need it.
> I'd support option 1 or option 3 equally. Either way, I think this
> should be clarified.
> Thoughts?

There's one more option which I'd actually prefer.

  4. Root certificate does not appear in the chain but it's expected
     that clients already know it. E.g. look in /etc/ssl/certs/.

Rationale is that the client shouldn't blindly trust that the chain
received by the acme server is valid.

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