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Archive containing Acer 5720 Fan Control Script + Binary Patcher 

This is the fix I sent to Davis Cabral. It is an archive containing a script
and binary for controlling the CPU fan on an Acer 5720 or similar under a 64
bit Linux. Apologies in advance if this is considered an abuse of the Kernel
Bug Tracker.

To use it:
-    Unpack with tar xjf acer5720_fan_64.tar.bz2
-    Adjust tunable parameters in to your taste.

Copy mempat and somewhere convenient, bearing in mind
that needs to find mempat in its PATH.

Arrange for to be executed at start-up, eg. (as on my
Ubuntu) kicking it off in the background from /etc/rc.local.

Hope this helps, no liability accepted for bringing about the end of the world
etc. etc.

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