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> > On a Lenovo ThinkPad L420 (Type 7854)...
> > 
> > - Neither the LED nor the button for Microphone Mute works, the
> > `acpi_listen` command does not return with any readings. Pressing the
> button
> > won't mute the microphone, nor would it light up the LED. However, using a
> > volume mixer application (say, the one I used was from MATE Desktop) and
> > drag the microphone volume all the way down, or checking "mute" will light
> > up the button.
> when does this happen?

It happens the moment after I booted Linux Kernel from GRUB (my bootloader of
choice), and when I'm not done booting Windows (along with the Lenovo drivers

In short, it happens when I'm running Linux... or any other OS(es) without
driver or system support.

> > - The mute button works, but the LED does not light up. The mute LED could
> > be lit or unlit before booting Linux. Pressing the button registers the
> > following with the `acpi_listen` command:
> > 
> when does this happen?

Same scenario as above.

> what did you do to reproduce the two different symptoms?

Again, same scenario. It only works when...

1. The system is running in "Real Mode" (so to speak), under control of the
2. When running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 - the only systems with these "hotkey"
support drivers.

> Or the laptop is broken all the time, but with two different symptoms?

Given my responses above, I can certify that there's no hardware issue with my

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