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> No, the above two symptoms are exclusive.
> there is no acpi_listen output in the first symptom, while there is, in the
> second one.
> Thus I don't understand why you get different results in the same scenario.

Sorry my mistake, let me rephrase this one more time, in a list:

1. The Microphone Mute button is not at all detected or recognised in Linux (it
works when in BIOS or GRUB, or in Windows with appropriate drivers installed).
1.a. Though it isn't recognised, not even by `acpi_listen`, when I used MATE
Desktop's audio setting to mute or turn the microphone volume all the way down,
the LED lights up.
2. The Mute button works under Linux - mutes audio output just fine. However
the LED on the button does not light up when the audio is muted. Again, the
mute button works as expected (muting the audio, AND lighting up its LED when
it's active) when in BIOS or GRUB, and in Windows with appropriate drivers
2.a. Yes, `acpi_listen` does recognise a key-press event with this button,
unlike the Microphone mute button.

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