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(In reply to Mario Limonciello (AMD) from comment #7)
> At least in your situation you can see that very clearly the interrupt
> source override in the MADT is correct:
> [    0.003333] ACPI: INT_SRC_OVR (bus 0 bus_irq 1 global_irq 1 low edge)
> But your ACPI tables are incorrect (and hence the patch to the DSDT helps
> the issue).
> To me it seems this issue really boils down to the logic in the kernel of
> what to trust when, and there doesn't seem to be a great answer.
> Today it's something like this:
> 1) If it's extended IRQ syntax, trust the DSDT.
> 2) If it's legacy syntax (IRQ/IRQNoflags) mayyyybe double check what the
> MADT and the DSDT have agree.  This is needed for a number of older buggy
> machines.
> "2" ended up causing problems for a number of Ryzen 6000 machines because
> they didn't have an interrupt source override in place and without this the
> value found in the MADT was wrong (Active high) but the value in the DSDT
> was right (Active Low).
> This is why we put in place a case to ignore all that and trust the DSDT on
> Ryzen systems.
> You're the exact opposite of this and so that's why this logic fell apart.
> I think what we're missing is an indication of whether an interrupt source
> override is actually being used or not.  So it could work like this:
> 1) Extended IRQ syntax
>    -> Trust DSDT
> 2) Legacy Syntax
>    Does polarity and trigger match the IOAPIC configuration?
>    A) Yes
>       -> Done
>    B) No:
>       a) Interrupt Source Override
>           -> Trust ISR
>       b) DMI override?
>           -> Trust DMI override
>       c) Zen system?
>           -> Trust DSDT
>       d) Not Zen system
>           -> Trust IOAPIC configuration

The GPD Win 4 also has an issue when skipping the override. A user on ChimeraOS
reported that when using a patched kernel I created fixed the volume buttons
for them.

The usable DMI for this product is the "product_name" which is "G1618-04". GPD
isn't that great at being consistent with their DMI configuration outside of
product names.

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