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> Great!
> Yes, please document everything you can test with this including the BIOS
> version if possible.

Sure, it may take me a bit to collect all the information, especially if we are
wanting BIOS versions as well. As of right now the tested systems have been.

OneXplayer Mini 5800U: No regressions (Uses the same i8042).
GPD Win 4 6800U: Fixes the volume buttons.
Aya Neo Air Plus 6800U: Fixes the non-gamepad "keyboard" buttons.
OneXPlayer 2 6800U: This device has issues with and without the patch (Not
tested by me so I can't verify if the user followed instructions correctly)

Will be testing:

Aya Neo 2
Aya Neo Geek
OneXPlayer 1S Intel 1195G7

Potential devices that can be tested:
GPD Win Max 2
GPD Win 2

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