Bug ID: 217485
           Summary: kernel >= v6.2 no longer boots on Apple's
                    Virtualization.framework (x86_64); likely to be
                    related to ACPICA
           Product: ACPI
           Version: 2.5
    Kernel Version: v6.2
          Hardware: Intel
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: blocking
          Priority: P3
         Component: ACPICA-Core
        Regression: Yes
           Bisected 5c62d5aab8752e5ee7bfbe75ed6060db1c787f98 (reverted in
         commit-id: 8e41e0a575664d26bb87e012c39435c4c3914ed9 but the issue
                    still exists)

Created attachment 304320

Linux kernel >= v6.2 no longer boots on Apple's Virtualization.framework

It is reported that the issue is not reproducible on ARM64:

## Reproduction
- Checkout the kernel repo, and run `make defconfig bzImage`.

- Create an initrd (see the attached `initrd-example.txt`)

- Transfer the bzImage and initrd to an Intel Mac.

- On Mac, download `` from
, and build the `LinuxVirtualMachine` binary with Xcode.
  Building this binary with Xcode requires logging in to Apple.
  If you do not like logging in, a third party equivalent such as can be used.

- Run `LinuxVirtualMachine /tmp/bzImage /tmp/initrd.img`.
  v6.1 successfully boots into the busybox shell.
  v6.2 just hangs before printing something in the console.

## Tested versions
v6.1: OK
v6.1.0-rc2-00002-g60f2096b59bc (included in v6.2-rc1): OK
v6.1.0-rc2-00003-g5c62d5aab875 (included in v6.2-rc1): NG <-- This commit
caused a regression
v6.2-rc1: NG
v6.2: NG
v6.3.0-rc7-00181-g8e41e0a57566 (included in v6.3): NG     <-- Reverts
5c62d5aab875 but still NG
v6.3: NG
v6.4-rc3: NG

Tested on MacBookPro 2020 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1068NG7 CPU @ 2.30GHz) running
macOS 13.4.

The issue seems a regression in
"ACPICA: Events: Support fixed PCIe wake event".

This commit was introduced in v6.2-rc1, and apparently reverted in v6.3
However, v6.3 and the latest v6.4-rc3 still don't boot.

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