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Turned out that this is a mixture of an ACPICA issue and an EFISTUB issue.

Kernel v6.2 can boot by reverting the *both* of the following two commits:
- 5c62d5aab8752e5ee7bfbe75ed6060db1c787f98 "ACPICA: Events: Support fixed PCIe
wake event"
- e346bebbd36b1576a3335331fed61bb48c6d8823 "efi: libstub: Always enable initrd
command line loader and bump version"

Kernel v6.3 can boot by just reverting e346bebb, as 5c62d5a has been already
reverted in 8e41e0a575664d26bb87e012c39435c4c3914ed9.
The situation is same for v6.4-rc3 too.

Note that in my test I let Virtualization.framework directly load bzImage
without GRUB (akin to `qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel bzImage`).
Apparently, reverting e346bebb is not necessary for loading bzImage via GRUB.
( So, Lima can just boot unmodified v6.3 and v6.4-rc3: )

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