I checked with some folks internally, and they confirmed that yes, this is 
unfortunately true.

There are numerous discussions going on, and the recommendation is that you 
should watch http://microsoft.com/teched over the next week or two for updates 
and information.

Brian Puhl
Microsoft IT

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It looks like TechED 2007 New Orleans has been cancelled and will be in another 
location next year. 

Has anyone stateside heard where it is going to be as of yet?


Microsoft cancels 3 New Orleans meetings, cites lack of flights

Lack of airline flights in and out of New Orleans prompted Microsoft
Corp. to cancel three meetings expected to bring a total of more than
30,000 people to New Orleans next year. 

They had been planned as the first meetings in New Orleans since
Hurricane Katrina for Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft, which has held
several worldwide events bringing thousands of people to the city since

Microsoft spokeswoman Robyn Kratzer confirmed to The Associated Press
that the company was forced to cancel the planned events because they
thought it would be too difficult to transport thousands of attendees,
including some international travelers, in and out of the city.

``It was an extremely difficult situation and a difficult decision for
Microsoft, but it was totally around logistics,'' Kratzer told AP.

Two of the meetings were expected to bring 14,000 people each, and the
third about 4,000.

Service at Louis Armstrong International Airport is 61 percent of what
it was before the storm, but the airport has been able to get extra
flights for other special events, spokeswoman Michelle Duffourc said.

Continental Airlines has been particularly willing to put larger
aircraft on its flights or schedule extra flights to the city when
needed, she said.

However, nobody from Microsoft or the New Orleans Metropolitan
Convention and Visitors Bureau asked the airport to help keep the
conventions, she said.

``That is really not true,'' convention bureau spokeswoman Mary Beth
Romig said. She said the Microsoft meetings and their dates were
mentioned ``some time ago'' during the bureau's continuing talks with
the airport about flight problems.

About Microsoft's decision, she said: ``Of course we are sorry they
changed their mind. We are continuing to work with them for future dates
in future years.''


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