First off... anything you do with LDIF will be an LDAP query... It speaks
pure LDAP.

Next off, if I understand what you are asking, yes, you query the schema and
you can find all attribute syntaxes assigned, it won't tell you what they
are, but you will know all in use. Multivalue status has nothing to do with
attribute syntax, that is separate. Whether something is binary or text
depends on what you ask for and how you ask for it. You can ask for anything
to come back in a binary format with the standard LDAP binary modifier. What
that exactly means though depends on the attribute, asking, for instance for
a unicode text field in binary really isn't going to look all that different
to you either way. But asking for say one of the replication attributes will
result in dramatically different results being returned. 


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How can I get a list of attribute syntaxes? For each attribute used by
a system I would like to know if it is a multivalue attribute and if it
is binary or text.

Can I get such a list using an LDAP query?

If not can I use ldifde?


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