If memory serves me right.... the forest/trees tombstone values whatevers (you know those things we never worry about in SBSland) are different depending on how that SP1 got on the box...

2003 RTM you have 60 days
2003 SP1 (clean install) you have 180 days
2003 R2 (clean install) you have 60 days

(they kinda went backwards on the r2 and reintroduced the 60 days if I remember right.)

Brian Desmond wrote:

*If the domain was created in Windows 2000 or 2003 R2, you’ve got 60 days to fix it, 2003 domains you have 180 days. This is assuming you haven’t tweaked the tombstone lifetime. 4 hours is nothing. :)*

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Hello all ;)

Due to network outage that is scheduled for 4 hours on a active directory site, i'd like to leave our DCs up without shut them down.


Could il leave all my DCs up despite they can not communicate with each others for 4 hours ? Will that cause any issues (repl, auth,etc..) ? or Do i have to shut them down and next reboot them when network will up ?

Thanks for advices.




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