Keep in mind that by default, lastLogonTimeStamp is not updated every day, it will be updated about every 9-14 days (14 days with a random swing of minus 0-5 days).
You can output to csv or html, whatever is more convenient for you.
Alternately if you just want to query the value directly, you can use adfind to generate the output.
However, oldcmp tends to be easier for most folks.
O'Reilly Active Directory Third Edition - http://www.joeware.net/win/ad3e.htm 

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Subject: [ActiveDir] list lastlogontime for every user script

I am trying to do an script or something that will list lastlogontime for all users so I can receive an email when someone has not use the account for more than 30 days.
I have seen a couple of examples of half built scripts that don't work, I get lost when they start dealing with the converting the number to a date...
Does anyone has a script will do some similar? does Joe ware has something similar?

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