* within the same forest --> no need to translate profiles (although different 
SID, GUID takes care of this)
* between different forests --> profile translation is needed (different GUID 
and SID)
you can use ADMT or any third party tool....
as soon as users start to use their new account you need to translate the 
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From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Danny
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Subject: [ActiveDir] ADMT v3 Profile cleanup options

Computer and user migration with ADMT v3 scenario:

Users have local profiles (non-roaming). It appears as though when you migrate 
user and computer into new forest, the new user in the target forest logs into 
the same computer (now part of target domain) and a new profile is created; 
they are not routed into their existing profile. Just curious how you have all 
managed to get around this without interrupting the users too much. 

Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Pro SP2 environment.



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