The permissions is part of it, but there's also the part where the registry has to be adjusted (assuming winxp) to direct to the legacy data. 
If you have the following:
1) forest 1 computer
2) forest 1 user profile
and you want to migrate to forest 2 then admt will do that translation for you (I'm simplifying.  Check out the reskit for some additional details).
but if you have the following:
1) forest 1 computer
2) forest 1 user & forest 2 user (where forest 1 user == forest 2 user) profile
Then there's nothing to be migrated because there are two profiles defined by two different sids.  As far as XP understands, those are two separate entities. When it comes to migration, ADMT *could* merge them, but the complexity of that is insane and the user is already theorectically using the new profile.  The danger of course is that you'd end up having to decide which things to keep and which not to keep and you cannot do that without user intervention. 
Best bet is to clean off the new profile and remigrate.  If that's not an option, you could repermission with the new acls, and change the registry the same as the tool does but note that there are other things that get done during that time.  IIRC, the ADMT tool has some docs that talk about what it does and doesn't do. 
Does that help, or did I just confuse the issue?  

On 10/27/06, Danny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 10/27/06, Almeida Pinto, Jorge de < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
* within the same forest --> no need to translate profiles (although different SID, GUID takes care of this)
* between different forests --> profile translation is needed (different GUID and SID)

Different forests. 

you can use ADMT or any third party tool....

Sorry, I am not familiar with what profile translation entails behind the scenes. Is profile translation when the new user simply has NTFS permissions to their old profile, but when they log into Windows a new empty/blank profile is created, and so if they wanted to all of their previous settings they would have to manually copy favourites, documents, etc. from their old profile to their new profile?


as soon as users start to use their new account you need to translate the profile

This will log the new user into the exisitng profile then?

Thanks, Jorge.


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Computer and user migration with ADMT v3 scenario:

Users have local profiles (non-roaming). It appears as though when you migrate user and computer into new forest, the new user in the target forest logs into the same computer (now part of target domain) and a new profile is created; they are not routed into their existing profile. Just curious how you have all managed to get around this without interrupting the users too much.

Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Pro SP2 environment.



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