Rod's been tracking that on myitforum and the Patch management listserve for a while now.

Guy Teverovsky wrote:
Hi all, Recently I had a case where we experiences high CPU utilization after deploying SMS client to DCs. By now we have identified that the issue was caused by an extension of sms_def.mof file containing the definitions of information that should be collected from the agent. The interesting part is that I was able to reproduce the behavior without SMS agent. Just execute the following WMI query on your DC and see the CPU spikes to 100% and will stay there till you kill the wmiprvse.exe process:
*select * from Win32_Account where LocalAccount=True and SIDType=1*
Now you do not need to explain to me that this is damn stupid to run this type of query on a DC, yet I would expect the DC to be able to handle the query, but what I see is that the query never returns - it just hangs there choking up the CPU till you kill the WMI process. Almost the same behavior is observed when executing "wmic useraccount" from the command line, but in this case the query does return the results after a while (~2-3 minutes on ~2K user account AD). The only thing related to the issue that I was able to find is the following KB: ("WMI Query Support for Win32_Group Is Not Optimized") where the following query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Group WHERE Domain="workgroup" AND Name="smith"" causes the identical behavior. But folks, we are talking W2K3 with SP1 and not W2K pre-SP2. Any chance anyone has stumbled upon it ? Is aware of hotfix ? Thanks,
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