on PDCe I am looking at sessions and open files in fsmgmt.msc, which
lists down the client machines with IP, then I am verifying the site
of each connecting IP using ATSN.exe from joeware.

Also, our network team had complained that network link is getting
choked, and as a proof gave list of source and destination IPs with
ports. This list contains the remote site client IPs and PDCe IP
communicating to each other.


On 12/1/06, David Adner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
How are you determining the clients are utilizing the PDCE for these
activities?  A network trace from the client may prove useful.

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Subject: [ActiveDir] Bulk of client going to PDC

Hi Guys,

We are facing some strange issue, randomly clients from some sites are going
to PDCe for group policy refresh,along with screensaver and wallpaper stored
in netlogon.

Clients are ignoring their nearest DC, and approaching PDCe.

All DCs : Win2k3 SP1
All Clients: XP SP2

I verified,
1) DNS entries for site DC are correct.
2) Netlogon and Sysvol folder of site DC are accessible.
3) Verified the clients are authenticating with site DC by : nltest.exe
4) Verified DFS info for netlogon and sysvol on clients is correct :
dfsutil.exe  /pktinfo

I am clueless where else, should I look?

You teach best what you most need to learn.

You teach best what you most need to learn.
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