Just to update... I was finally able to catch this in action. It stopped as 
soon as I unplugged the wireless keyboard/mouse device from the PC. It appears 
that one particular person's wireless mouse is crossing signal with select 
others, but none of the nearby mice are the culprit. It still occurs after the 
affected devices are reset with the "connect" button on the kb/mouse receiver. 
This could get interesting...


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Yesterday we had several people complain that their cursor was moving around on 
its own, but not erratically or quickly as one would suspect might be the case 
of a mouse issue. I used SMS remote tools to watch one person's screen, and she 
noted that the way the cursor moved while I was in there checking things was 
exactly the same way it was moving before -- it was just as though someone was 
actually in there.

Now I can't begin to describe how odd this is -- but I can't seem to find any 
common denominator for the folks who experienced this problem (so far, three or 
four). Some have wireless mice with a short range and good batteries with no 
problems otherwise, whereas the others have standard, working USB mice. I have 
seen this before where the language bar was detecting office and keyboard noise 
through the microphone as dictated commands to do thing, but the problem 
persisted on the first PC after I disabled it, and I don't think that 
particular model has a built-in mic. I checked the event logs and the only 
person who used the SMS remote control was me, so I can't imagine that anyone 
else would have been remoting it either. So far today I have not heard any more 
complaints, but nevertheless I'm still curious yet baffled.

All PCs have updated virus and spyware definitions. Does anyone have ideas on 
where to start looking if this problem surfaces again? If it continues we'll 
have the corporate chaplain bring in his exorcist buddy.

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